Gun Rental in Iowa with Daryl's GunsHave you ever wanted to try a gun before you buy? Or just shoot a gun that you aren't wanting to purchase, you just want to give it a try? What about shooting the Coonan .357 Mag. pistol? We can help you with this! Daryl's Gun Shop has the premier gun rental program in Iowa. You purchase the targets, ammo and range time, and we will set you up to shoot. There are so many different types of guns that you may dream of trying out. This is not a service you find just anywhere. Daryl's Gun Shop likes to offer services such as our gun rental program to offer you something special. Call us today to find out about our gun rental program, or to see if the firearm you have been wanting to try out is available for rental. Also check our Twitter, Yelp, Google+Facebook Pages for updates! 
Hand Gun Rental / Test fire is on Our Used hand guns only.   Consignment & New handguns or Long guns are not included in the rental/test fire.
If you try out a gun you like, we also sell firearms. We are known for reasonably priced guns in our area of Iowa, and we believe our prices and selection of guns can't be beat. If you have any questions about what we have in stock, check out our inventory page. Contact us to find out more about any of the guns we have available for rental or for purchase anytime. Rental guns are subject to market conditions and availability. Call us today to learn more.