Guns, Ammo, & Firearms for Ankeny, IA

Are you a hunter or a firearm lover in the Ankeny, Iowa area? If so, Daryl's Guns is just down the road in State Center and has all of the different kinds of ammunition, guns, and other supplies that you need to fuel your hobby. We are just a short distance away from Ankeny and offer all of the name brands in firearms and related products. Not only can we provide you with various types of guns for different hunting or training purposes, but we can also provide you with other kinds of gear that is often used with firearms. Some of the other equipment we offer includes:Guns and Ammunition in Ankeny, Iowa

Gun Rental & Shooting Ranges Near Ankeny, IA

We also offer gun rentals to help you decide which purchase to make. You can take the gun to our indoor and outdoor shooting ranges and try it out before you actually buy it, giving you time to decide if it is really the gun for you. The multiple lanes that we have allow you to try out the gun even if there are other people using the range at the same time.

We have an indoor range and an outdoor range that you can reserve a time for today. These ranges are open at 8:00 am, which gives you all day to hone your skills and work through any apprehension that you may have handling a firearm of any sort. 

Concealed Carry Classes Near Ankeny, IA

Another service you may be interested in is our regular concealed carry classes. These classes can help you earn your concealed carry license and learn more about safely carrying and operating a firearm. We will work with you to make sure you are comfortable holding and firing the gun and that you know all the laws that surround concealed carry licenses. Make the trip from Ankeny to State Center, Iowa to learn more about concealed carry licenses and how to get one.

Contact our team today or view our inventory for more information on the products we carry for residents in the Ankeny, IA area. If you want up-to-date information on a regular basis, like our Facebook page.