A great firearm is only as good as the ammo you have for it. Daryl's Guns in State Center, IA has a huge selection of the best ammo brands.

Purchase the Right Ammunition For Your Firearm

Remember that it is extremely important to have the right ammo for your firearm. Consult the experts at Daryl's Gun Shop, Inc. in State Center, Iowa if you have any questions about what ammunition to purchase for your rifle, handgun, or another firearm. Check out the brands we carry below, and then come visit Daryl's Guns in State Center, Iowa to let us help you with all your gun and ammo needs. If we don't have the ammo you are looking for, let us know, and we will try to get it for you.

Our Gun Rental Program

With your newly purchased ammunition and targets from Daryl's Guns, you can try out our latest weapons at our shooting range. This is a great way to test several different firearms before making a purchase. Check out our Gun Rentals page to learn more.

Types of Ammunition We Recommend

Winchester Ammunition is high-quality ammo for all shooting activities including hunting, target ammo, personal defense, range shooting and more. Winchester Ammo types include rifle, handgun, shotshell, rimfire, and more. We offer all types of Winchester Ammo at our State Center, Iowa gun shop. 

CCI Ammo is great for varmint, small game, competition, pest control, and they also offer primers/reloaders. CCI's motto is to always leave your mark. You can do this with the CCI ammo selection we have at our Iowa gun store. 

Remington Ammo gives you many options. Remington has shotshells, centerfire, rimfire, handgun, and UMC ammo as well as other components and industrial options. We have a huge selection of Remington ammo and accessories at our gun shop here in Iowa. We also offer many other types of ammo - see the list below, and call us for any specifics on any of the ammo we offer at our Iowa shop. If we don't have it, we sure will try to find it and get it for you!

Brands We Offer