Gun Safes - Why are they so important?


Why is it so important to have a gun safe in your home? Here are a few great reasons, and remember that Daryl's Guns has new and used gun safes in our Iowa store. 

1. Gun Safety - first and foremost it's important to remember that anyone that comes into your home or lives in your home can have access to your guns. This means children, babysitters, house guests, and friends. 

2. You are Protecting your Rights with a Safe - A huge argument for anti-gun groups is that gun owners aren't keeping their guns in a safe place. By keeping your guns in a gun safe you are helping to protect your 2nd amendment rights by being a responsible gun owner.

3. Iowa Child Access Laws - There are laws in Iowa that require you to keep loaded firearms secure. This could be by trigger lock mechanism, but also by having your firearms locked in a gun safe or container placed in a location that is considered secure. READ MORE HERE.

4. Protection from Robbers - While keeping your guns close to you is smart if your guns are worth something to you it is also smart to keep them locked away from intruders in your home. 

5. Insurance Coverage - Look into your own coverage, but sometimes insurance does not cover your firearms. Definitely something to consider!

6. Safes Protect your Guns and Other Valuables - In the case of a house fire or other disasters, a gun safe can keep your guns and other valuables safe. 

These are just a few good reasons to keep your firearms in a gun safe or gun container. We have digital and fingerprint safes in our store. Call to see what we have available today!